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 “Serendipity is where I find natural bliss and good living;

where I am most at home and at peace.

Where I can hear and be heard; where I found my purpose in life.

This is where I was awakened!

Serendipity is my favorite place in the World”

Sheryl Walton /owner.



The moment Serendipity’s gate is opened; you smell, hear and see.

The Transformation begins…

You see the affirmation that the Universe really does rise up to meet us where we are.


Rediscover your joy; your identity and Revive your body…

Take a dip or swim in the natural river pool and bask under the invigorating waterfalls.


Take a Yoga & Meditation class…

inhale, exhale as you embrace your body mind and soul and give thanks.

Stroll through our Earth Stone Farm smelling our naturally grown herbs, plants, trees and visit with the animals


Explore our local hiking trails with a Nature Walk.

Let the sounds and sights of nature captivate you

Dance…Yes dance to the rhythms of the Nyabingh drumming sessions.

Glow after one of our ritual spa services from Turning Stone Spa

Eat and drink freshly prepared meals from the River Deck Restaurant.

The meals are prepared using many of the herbs and vegetables grown on site/Earth Stone Farm



Ready for Relaxation to the next level…

Take a cabin and jump into a plush bed; fall asleep to the singing birds and soothing flow of the river

Your body and soul are quiet. Your heart is smiling and now you are discerning your inner voice

Now you are ready to live as you truly intended because you know for sure that everything will be alright

Our purpose in life is be our authentic self; to be in joyful alignment.

Yes…Serendipity is a sacred paradise …divinely mystical and magnificent!


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Inspiring and beautiful words, from Mary Oliver's poem, The Summer Day.

Eric & Sheryl Walton


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